The First Simulated Shanghai Cooperation Summit was Held at CNISCO


Sponsored by CNISCO and co-organized by the Zhejiang University Global Competency Center, the first simulated Shanghai Cooperation Summit was held in CNISCO on May 21. Norov, secretary general of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, particularly recorded a 5-minute short video to express his warm congratulations on the event success. 

This simulated SCO summit is a part of the 2nd Shanghai Cooperation Organization Drug-Free World International Anti-drug Action and International Judicial Youth Elite Training Camp. It aims to help young people in SCO countries realize the global drug threat and pursue healthy life style, strengthen anti-drug publicity and education, and provide a platform for young people to increase their understanding of drugs and their understanding of anti-drug work. At the same time, it allows university students to have a deeper understanding of SCO, enhances young students' attention to drug problems, promote communication between our school and other universities.

Jiang Cunyao, secretary of the Youth League Committee of SHUPL; Meng Wenting, a tutor for theGlobal Competency Center of Zhejiang University, and students from Zhejiang University, Shanghai Normal University, SHUPL Model United Nations Association, CNISCO Diplomatic Society participated. The event was hosted by Dong Xiaojun, the training specialist of the School of Continuing Education (Training Department) in SHUPL.

On behalf of SHUPL, Jiang Cunyao extended a warm welcome to all the guests attending the meeting. He introduced in detail the history of SHUPL, CNISCO and the significance of this event.

On behalf of Zhejiang University, Meng Wenting expressed her gratitude to SHUPL for its preparation and warm service. She reviewed the history of exchanges between Zhejiang University's Global Competency Center and CNISCO, and expressed her hope of further exchanges.

This event focused on the issue of the international drug threat. Participants had a heated discussion on this topic, from the perspective of the countries in the SCO region, and had a new and in-depth thinking on the drug issue.