Holding the Summary Meeting on Writing Work of The SCO's Annual Report on Promoting the Rule of Law


On the morning of February 26th, the summary meeting on Writing Work of SCO’s Annual Report on Promoting the Rule of Law(2017) was held. The university president Liu Xiaohong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Lifelong professor Ni Zhengmao, vice-executive director of the CNISCO Research and Consulting Department, Jia Shaoxue, and members of the writing team, Hua Li and Wang Lihua, attended the meeting. Jia Shaoxue moderated the meeting.

Liu Xiaohong and Ni Zhengmao are the chief editors of this report. Jia Shaoxue and Shi Qibao, director of the Strategic Planning Department of CNISCO, are the deputy editors of this report. After more than a year of hard work, the writing team successfully completed the report. Finally, writing group officially published this report by the Law Press in October 2018.

Liu Xiaohong highly appraised the report writing work. She pointed out that the report is a landmark achievement for the CNISCO and the university's scientific research construction, filled the gaps in relevant research fields in China. The report is a practical measure for our school to actively serve the national strategy and promote the legal service cooperation of the member states of the SCO.

Regarding the writing of SCO’s Annual Report on Promoting the Rule of Law(2018), Liu Xiaohong requested that some following aspects should be focused: Firstly, the report should maintain its quality, creating academic high quality and significant achievement to improve the academic influences of our school. Secondly, through the CNISCO and preparation of reports, we could gradually cultivate a group of interdisciplinary talents and a capable research team. The third aspect is that actively attract researchers from inside and outside the school to participate in the preparation, make extensive use of the expertise from all quarters to promote communication.

Ni Zhengmao reviewed the writing progress and especially affirmed the spirit of the writers who devoted to study further and be diligent in exploration. He said that the publication of the report is of great significance to enhance the popularity of our school in the SCO’s legal research, and also promoting the research construction of young teachers in CNISCO.

Hua Li and Wang Lihua made speeches about the work of data collection, multidisciplinary collaboration, forums, and off-campus cooperation in the future.

Written by Xiao Shilai.


CNISCO Research and Consulting Department

Feb. 28th, 2019