CNISCO Held The Closing Ceremony of the International Seminar on Forward-looking Education Policies from the Perspective of the Rule of Law (Eurasian Region)


On November 1, the closing ceremony of the International Seminar on Forward-looking Education Policies from the Perspective of the Rule of LawEurasian Regionwas held at China-National Institute for SCO International Exchange and Judicial Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as CNISCO)The President of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law(SHUPL) & Director General of the Office of CNISCO LIU Xiaohong, the representative of China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week Organizing Committee Office YANG Ying, the Member of Standing Committee of CPC Party Committee at SHUPL & Director of the Publicity Department & Director of both the Party Office and Presidents Office of SHUPL GAO Zhigang, and Dean of the School of Continuing Education of SHUPL & Director of CNISCO Training Division CHEN Xiao, attended the closing ceremony. About 200 trainees from 15 countries including India, Malaysia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka participated in the online event.

LIU Xiaohong extended her warm congratulations to the trainees on their accomplishment of the seminar. She pointed out that SHUPL and CNISCO, always adhering to the idea of excellence in specialty and quality, carefully planned and actively prepared for this seminar, spared no efforts to overcome the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, and provided a strong guarantee for the online exchanges and discussions between experts and trainees. The successful holding of this seminar has brought the education circle and the legal circle from all countries much closer, promoted exchanges and cooperation among experts in the rule of law field of international education, and pushed forward the process of international global governance in the post-pandemic era. In the future, SHUPL and CNISCO will pragmatically carry out more effective events with all parties, continually expand the forms and contents of international cooperation and exchanges, deepen its breadth and depth, and advance the people-to-people and cultural exchanges and cooperation among the Belt and Road countries including the SCO countries and ASEAN countries, she said.

In her speech, YANG Ying mentioned that this seminar is one of the major events during the opening ceremony of 2021 China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe at present, this online gathering has been a reflection of the beautiful friendship between China and other countries of the world. She hoped that all trainees, as bearers of friendship among countries, cherish, consolidate and further deepen this friendship, and actively promote people-to-people and cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries in the world.

Urenbayev Shuhrat BaktilovicDirector General of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Professional Education of the Republic of Uzbekistanexpressed his sincere gratitude to SHUPL, CNISCO and Chinese personnel organizing the seminar. He said the courses of the seminar have a guiding significance for the ongoing education system reform in many countries, which provides a theoretical basis for those countries to strengthen international cooperation in the field of education. In the future, Uzbekistan will continually strengthen cooperation with China and other countries in the field of higher education and make positive contributions to deepening ASEAN good-neighborly relations of friendship and cooperation.


Muna Paudel, a Nepal Deputy Attorney from Patan, said in her address that the seminar provided a multilateral exchange and cooperation platform for education officials and education administrators in Eurasian countries. He carefully listened to the suggestions of experts from various countries on the implementation and reform of education policies from the perspective of the rule of law. In the future, he would like to work with colleagues from other countries to innovate the cooperation of the rule of law in education policies and promote the cultivation of international high-end rule of law talents, he said

Alexandru Cuznetov, Associate Professor of National University of Moldova and Vice President of Moldova Bar Association, mentioned that in recent years Moldova maintains a constant exchange of visits with delegations in the field of education from all over the world, exchanges students to study in each others countries, and accelerates the pace of the opening to the outside world of National University of Moldova in education. He welcomed education experts from all over the world to visit National University of Moldova and put forward their valuable suggestions on the construction of the rule of law education of the university.

Russian State University of Justice Senior lecturer Vrsov Valery Vitalievich reviewed the past seven-day study program, expressed his appreciation for both the wonderful lectures by teachers, spoke highly of the hard work of the interpreters and the staff, and was keen to study and exchange at SHUPL and CNISCO after the COVID-19 pandemic.

CNISCO accomplished the International Seminar on Forward-looking Education Policies from the Perspective of the Rule of LawEurasian Region, which successfully helped to the series of events of the 2021 China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week. In the future, CNISCO will continue to take its advantages as a platform, strengthen multilateral cooperation under the SCO framework, promote the  Belt and Road construction, and make greater contributions to the regional security, economic development, and social prosperity of SCO.