The Party General Branch of the CNISCO Held Online Meeting


On the afternoon of March 10, the Party General Branch of the CNISCO held an online meeting. Hu Jiling, Vice President of SHUPL, Secretary of the Party General Branch of the CNISCO; Wang Xiaoyu, Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch of the CNISCO, and all members of the Party General Branch and all members of the two Subordinate Party Branches attended the meeting.

Hu Jiling reported the recent work progress in epidemic prevention at SHUPL and CNISCO, asked everyone to do a good job by online work and other ways, including the on-duty work of the back-to-school staff and the safeguards for them. She hoped that all party members could make full use of every minute to upgrade themselves by constant learning on the platforms such as the Xuexi Qiangguo app.

Wang Xiaoyu required all party members to focus on their study and party spirit cultivation during the period of working at home, especially to make good use of the platform of Xuexi Qiangguo and to grasp the latest policy dynamics of the Party and the Chinese Central Government. The Party cadres should take the leads in attentive study and constant improvement. Wang Xiaoyu also further detailed relevant work of the Party General Branch and the Subordinate Party Branches.

Party members attended the meeting all expressed that they would reinforce relevant studies, enrich their knowledge reserves, and raise their political awareness. During the epidemic, they should set good examples and bring warmth to everyone with their limited strength. At this special and difficult juncture of the country, all party members should unite as one and tide over the trying time together.


The Party General Branch of the CNISCO 

March 11, 2020