President Liu Xiaohong gave lecture at the 6th training course of the China-South Asia Legal Training Base


In the afternoon of May 25th, SHUPL President and CNISCO Director Professor Liu Xiaohong gave a lecture to the trainees attending the 6th training course of China-South Asia Legal Training Base, the title of the lecture being “the internationalization and localization of commercial arbitration in China under the Belt and Road Initiative”.


Liu Xiaohong introduced and elaborated on the topic from five aspects, namely the internationalization and localization of commercial arbitration, the basic judgement criteria for internationalization, new challenges imposed on international commercial arbitration by the Belt and Road Initiative, and the balances of institution upon localization. She pointed out that in the age of globalization, differences between countries and legal systems, between different arbitration norms and rules of arbitration courts, are narrowing, and arbitration was truly becoming “jus gentium”. She explained that the Belt and Road Initiative was a thought and practice in the context of globalization, with countries involving different political systems, legal systems, infrastructure, global trade, investment, business and cultural exchanges all of which would inevitably cause disputes and legal clashes. Therefore, international commercial arbitration must deal with new challenges. Professor Liu remarked that as arbitration in China progressed towards globalization, how to take into consideration of China’s socioeconomic development and arbitration practices, to find a good balance between internationalization and localization, is an important subject for China’s arbitration theorist and practitioners.


During the interactive session, participants asked questions. The lecture ended in a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere, with the participants having thanked Professor Liu.


The overall training course lasted 12 days. 102 online participants coming from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Malaysia and Portugal joined the dicussions. SHUPL Professors Yan Li and Guan Baoying also gave lectures titled China's practice of fighting crime, maintaining stability and ensuring sustained and healthy economic development and Rule of law China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China respectively.