China Association for Friendship (CAF) Jiao Wei visits CNISCO


On the morning of May 25, Vice Minister of CAF Jiao Wei, cadres Liu Heling and Wang Jianing came to CNISCO for a visit and symposium. SHUPL President and CNISCO Director Liu Xiaohong met and greeted the delegation before the symposium.


Liu Xiaohong warmly welcomed the visiting group and congratulated on their fruitful achievements in the training work at CNISCO. She expressed hope that the two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation, deepen friendship and head towards win-win development.


During the discussion, Chen Xiao, Director of the Training Department at CNISCO, introduced the basic situation of SHUPL and CNISCO, and shared relevant work experience with foreign aid training post-pandemic. Sun Pinjie, deputy director of the Literature and Information Department of CNISCO, gave a detailed introduction of big data modeling. 


Mr. Jiao said that the CNISCO has distinctive features and has made remarkable achievements in foreign affairs work and foreign aid training in recent years. The two sides will continue to strengthen communication and collaboration on key topics in existing mechanisms, while further expanding cooperation in foreign aid training, international forums and other fields.