SCO Young Legal Talents Training Camp Commencement Held at CNISCO


The Commencement Ceremony for the SCO Young Legal Talents Training Camp was held at CNISCO in the afternoon on Sep. 27, 2021.

Pan Xinyan, deputy director of the China Law Society Academic Exchange Center, Shi Weidong, deputy secretary of the Party and vice president of Shanghai Law Society, Zheng Shaohua, vice president of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, Wang Xiaoyu, deputy secretary of the Party of CNISCO, Chen Xiao, director of training department at CNISCO, Wang Yufeng, director of emergency management and forensic research center, and all trainees attended the ceremony.

Shi Weidong pointed out that young legal talents are an important bridge for mutual learning in  various jurisdictions. They are an important link for the exchange of different legal culture, and an important force to support cross-country cooperation in global governance. CNISCO has always attached great importance to the development and training of young people in SCO countries. This event was held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of SCO, building a bridge for exchanges between legal circles of various countries. It is expected that all participants will continue to enhance cooperation and exchanges in the future and jointly make greater contributions to law workforce in SCO countries.

Zheng Shaohua pointed out that the training camp has brought young people from legal circles of various countries closer together, has promoted international judicial cooperation and promoted the legalization of global governance. Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and CNISCO look forward to more pragmatic and effective cooperation with all parties in the future, will work towards continuing to provide training in judicial and law enforcement for relevant countries, and will strive to become a high-end platform to serve China's overall diplomatic and security strategic needs, as well as promoting the construction of a new type of major country relations and a community with a shared future for mankind, together with providing judicial and legal services for all countries to contribute to cooperation and exchanges in the field of law enforcement.

On behalf of all trainees, Mr. Tirabayev, the first vice president of the national human rights center of Uzbekistan proposed that the training camp promoted the exchange of young legal talents from various countries, consolidated and expanded the social and legal basis of friendly cooperation between China and other SCO countries, including Uzbekistan, and further promoted the construction of a mutually beneficial and win-win community. Uzbekistan and China enjoy increasingly close relations. The national human rights center of Uzbekistan is willing to continue to support and assist SHUPL and CNISCO in hosting similar activities.

The training camp was hosted by CNISCO and lasted five days, with nearly 500 participants. The training camp has enhanced the exchange and cooperation of young legal talents and outstanding legal professionals of SCO countries in the regional legal field and judicial law enforcement under the new situation. Li Xin, Professor of CNISCO, Wang Weijun, deputy secretary general of Shanghai International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Shanghai International Arbitration Center) and secretary general of Shanghai Arbitration Association, Yan Li, Professor of SHUPL, Guan Baoying, Professor of SHUPL, and Xu Guojian, president of the SHUPL School of International Law gave lectures for the trainees of the training camp. The students responded warmly and gained rich learning experience.